Friday, July 15, 2011


The YouTube viral music video sensation “Friday” featuring Rebecca Black is now the subject of a copyright dispute

Apparently, Ark Music, the company that produced the video, wanted to start charging $2.99 for viewing of the “Friday” video on YouTube.  No one told Rebecca Black.  Apparently Black only learned of this development by fans. 

Upon learning of the charges, Black’s lawyers sent a copyright takedown notice to YouTube for the video.  Black’s lawyers claim that Ark Music does not have the rights of publicity or right to advertise the video.  Black’s lawyers also claim that Ark Music has failed to provide the master recording of the song and that the company has no right to exploit the work (i.e. charge $2.99 on YouTube for the video). 

While the dispute is being decided, the video has been removed from YouTube

Is this one of those instances where a copyright takedown actually benefits the public.....will there be withdrawal without free access to the “Friday” video, and would anyone pay $2.99 to rent it?

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