Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Publishers Settle with YouTube...

In a similar lawsuit to the Viacom v. YouTube dispute, music publishers had sued YouTube for copyright infringement.

However, the court found that YouTube was not an infringer because it responded to notices. The decision was appealed but now the National Music Publishers Association has settled its claim. Apparently, the settlement will allow for a collection of royalties to Harry Fox where ads from YouTube appear with user generated videos featuring a songwriters and publisher’s music.

YouTube will use information provided by the NMPA to identify the copyrighted works. No word on whether or what type of license has been arranged between the parties regarding the information provided by the NMPA. (Viacom has accused YouTube of requiring licensing which allows YouTube to use the submissions for far more than just the mere purpose of identifying infringement and infringing works. See previous blog entry.)

Does this mean that a settlement is in the near future for Viacom and YouTube? Highly doubtful given the acrimony between the parties.

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