Friday, April 13, 2012

2nd Annual IP Enforcement Report Released

The 2011 Annual Report on Intellectual Property Enforcement from the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Office was recently released. It is the second of three reports stemming from the 2010 Joint Strategic Plan.

Some of the highlights include:
  • Coordination with payment service groups to deter sales of counterfeit goods
  • Coordination with internet service providers to notify subscribers regarding misuse of peer to peer to networks to deter online piracy
  • Formation of a non-profit conglomeration of private companies to combat fake online pharmacies
There was also a notable uptick in seizures – 200% increase for counterfeit pharmaceuticals, 44% increase for counterfeit safety and critical technology goods, and 24% increase in overall seizures.

The government also touted its increased arrest and conviction rates as well as increased sentences.

The Report also notes that 3 members of the Notorious ListBaidu, Savelovskiy Market and Ladies Market have now been removed from the list.

The Report also emphasizes a focus on economic espionage and trade secret theft. (The discussion includes specific examples and criminal cases.)

The Enforcement coordinator also advocates legislation that gives Customs the right to issue penalties for infringing exports. (Currently, Customs can only seize exports and have them forfeited.)

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